UK Attestation


What is U.K Attestation procedure for U.A.E ?

If you are from the U.K wants to establish yourself in the Emirates you documents should be attested or legalized .Actually it depends if you are job seeker your educational academics to be Attested .Or if your planning for your own business & wants to settle down here with your family personal documents should be legalized like birth, marriage etc.. Below mentioned are
the authorities from were the documents should be legalized

  1. State Notary
  2. Foreign Common Wealth Office (F.C.O)
  3. Apostille
  4. UAE Embassy from London
  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE

Once the U.K part is completed there is a local Attestation from U.A.E which is the last procedure which I have mentioned above .To get this Attestation done there are licensed agencies who will take care of this in express & normal mode in 7 to 20 U.K working days. Its mandatory of documents to be legalized for certain visa applications which I have mentioned above . Once the Attestation done from the country of origin were the documents are issued its valid for life long and when it comes to U.A.E local now they have implemented a new rule of re Attestation of all country documents which has complete 10 years


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